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Our Story

Jay and I had always dreamed of living in the beautiful rolling hills of wine country on a vineyard.  In 1993, we made that dream a reality by moving to Suisun Valley, a quaint and picturesque region known for its fertile lands and vineyards.  Little did we know that this decision would shape our lives in the most remarkable ways.


We fell in love with the charm and beauty of Suisun Valley the moment we arrived. The rolling hills, fruit stands, and lush vineyards seemed to almost embrace us in a welcoming hug.  Inspired by the beauty around us, we took a leap of faith and purchased a piece of property in 1997.  Our vineyard was planted 2 years later.


After befriending Jim Regusci, who we met through a mutual friend,  we had our soils tested at UC Davis and decided on Cabernet Sauvignon, rootstock x, clone 10114.  It was a labor of love, but a venture we embarked on with much enthusiasm and determination. 


The planting and cultivating of over 27,000 vines took 3 years.  Our children Jacquilyne and Garrett, ages 6 and 9 at the time,  made the vineyards their outdoor playground.  They rode their bikes through the rows of vines and explored each nook and cranny of our newfound paradise.  With each passing day, they grew more connected to the land.  In our 3rd year, we received our first harvest of Cabernet Sauvignon.

Our faithful dog, Champ, accompanied us on this journey. He would chase the kids through rows and rows of vines, his playful barks echoing in the valley. Together, they formed an inseparable trio and spent their days exploring the vineyard, creating secret hideouts, and making priceless memories.

Over the years, as the vineyard flourished, so did our family. Jacquilyne and Garrett blossomed into remarkable individuals, their spirits nurtured by the beauty of the valley. They learned the value of hard work and dedication and the vineyard became more than a piece of land; it became a part of our family's identity.

In 2004, after years of hard work and dedication, we finally produced our first bottle of wine. It was a momentous occasion, filled with anticipation and pride. That inaugural bottle became a cherished tradition within our family. On special occasions and intimate gatherings, we would bring out that precious vintage, sharing it with loved ones who celebrated alongside us. The wine had become a symbol of our journey, a testament to the love and dedication that had gone into every vine, every grape, and eventually every bottle. For over 20 years, our family has enjoyed the delicious wines that came from our vineyard.


In 2019 we learned that Chuck Wagner of Caymus Wines, coincidentally Jim Regusci’s brother-in-law, was planning on opening a winery in our beloved valley. We knew this would change the valley forever and we wanted that change to be one for the better. There is only one Suisun Valley, and given the scarcity of the valley, we knew it must stay true to its roots. At this time, we started dreaming about opening our own winery, making our 25 year old vines, a beautiful location, and an enduring love for the valley something we could share with others. 


Jacquilyne and Davis 2023

In 2021, we decided as a family that it was time to share our wine with others.  An opportunity arose to purchase the property neighboring our vineyard, which would allow us to build an estate that would be loved by all in the valley for generations to come.  Davis Keene,  our son-in-law,  eagerly jumped at the chance to spearhead the transformation of our family owned estate to a winery open to the public.  In 2023, Davis began the process of building a winery that showcases the fruits of our labor and an estate that embodies the spirit of Suisun Valley.  


Our family's legacy, once enjoyed exclusively within our intimate circle, will soon be available to more than just our friends. It feels like the natural progression of our journey, an opportunity to extend the joy and passion we have cultivated over the years. Given our size, we are only able to produce a limited number of cases annually.  A great deal of care goes into each step of the process, from the farming, to production, and the overall magical experience of the etstate.   We are creating a place where visitors can experience the same sense of wonder and tranquility that drew us to this region. Our vision is to offer not just a great glass of wine, but an immersive experience where people can witness the love and dedication that goes into every bottle.

The wine we produce today comes from over 30 years of being an integral part of this valley. We are so excited to host you, our neighbor and now friend.  Welcome to Adair Winery at the beautiful Vigneto Estate.  




- Tammi Adair

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